1st Place Award for NAU Senior’s Flagstaff CSA Project

The Flagstaff CSA ENV490C team presented at NAU’s UGRADS professional symposium on April 28th, 2017. The team and their project was award 1st place out of the entirety of all three ENV490C class sections. They each received a nice monetary check from the department for their cutting-edge work in pioneering Flagstaff awareness for environmental sustainability. The group was presented their award on Saturday, May 13th by Northern Arizona University’s SESES (School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability).

Excerpt from FlagstaffCSA’s About page, regarding the team’s inspiration for the project

The ENV490C team received inspiration to undertake this project from a desire and passion to serve the local Flagstaff community with fresh, seasonal, and organic produce as well as speciality items. In order to continue pushing forward the local food revolution, they immediately teamed up with Jeff and Peggy’s family-owned and operated Flagstaff farms. As environmental activists and local food pioneers, the team consciously chose to initiate and work on such a big project because of the inherent growth potential as compared to most other senior capstone projects. With this said, the team knew that massive thought and energy investment into a seed stage project could evolve and bloom into a super effective program and city-wide movement that cultivates community health, connection, and resourcefulness.

ENV 490C teammates, team roles, and future plans:

From left to right: Cory Tripp, Jerika Marshall (kneeling), Austin Tipps, Gabryl Sam (kneeling), Kolby Ah Sau, Sean Doctor

Cory Tripp: Project Lead, team manager, researcher, and results curator

Sean Doctor: Lead designer, marketing specialist, researcher, and front/backend site developer

Sean is a superhuman-charged adventurer and entrepreneur residing in both Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ. He enjoys most of his leisure involved in the adrenaline-fueled sports of highlining and climbing throughout the local mountainous wilderness. His formal career is spent working seasonally as a backcountry guide specialized in Northern Arizona. You can find out about his work and reach out to him personally through seandoctor.com.

Jerika Marshall: Brainstorm expert and researcher

Kolby Ah Sau: Food sustainability expert and researcher

Gabryl Sam: Native foods specialist, EcoRanch intern, and researcher

Austin Tipps: Researcher

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